Ship Kernels are
next-generation ship performance models


Our Ship Kernels have all the modelling capabilities required to create, manage and execute a data-driven decarbonization roadmap. In short, it puts you in control of your performance and your decarbonization strategy.
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We co-exist with other solutions

No need to switch systems and set up large integration projects.
Our product is API-first. It simply gives a technology boost to the systems you already use.

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A ship Kernel goes full circle

With up to 99% accuracy

A ship kernel models between:

  • Speed Over Ground (SOG)
  • Speed Through Water (STW)
  • RPM
  • Power
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Emissions (CO2)

This gives a complete end-to-end solution for ship performance modelling. Most conversions can be made with a 95%-99% accuracy and the complete end-to-end conversion has an accuracy of at least 90%.

Toqua full Circle

A ship Kernel models all conditions

While always providing confidence scores

  • Wave height
  • Wave direction
  • Salinity
  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Water temp
  • Current speed
  • Current direction
  • Draft
  • etc.

Stop limiting your analysis to reference conditions. Go beyond ‘good’ and ‘bad’ weather. Go beyond Beaufort numbers. Model all parameters exactly. Bring your analysis and optimizations to the next level. Model all possible conditions and scenarios, with the peace of mind that uncertain predictions will be flagged by low confidence scores.

Wind direction
  • 180°
  • 360°

A ship Kernel evolves over time

And keeps track of historic performance

A ship’s performance is constantly in flux. Fluctuations are driven by hull & prop fouling, cleanings, paint degradation, structural deformations, and general wear and tear of the vessel. Our Ship Kernels are constantly updating and retraining to the latest condition of the vessel, so you can always model how your vessel performs today. To allow for baseline comparisons and retro-spective analysis, ship kernels also keep track of the historical performance of the vessel.

Performance over time
  • 2018
  • 2020
  • 2022

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