Give a technology boost to your existing solutions to save more fuel

Decarbonizing shipping.
Starting today.

Toqua brings the fuel-saving potential of cutting-edge AI for ship performance modelling
to all players and systems across the industry. We help shipping decarbonize.

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Unlock AI for your existing solutions

One of the main obstacles in the shipping industry is the inaccuracy
of current technology for ship performance modelling. This results in noisy performance understanding, obscuring analysis, and holding back optimizations.

With our product - Ship Kernels - you can clear up your analysis and deliver on the fuel savings that data-gathering efforts were supposed to enable.
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The challenges we solve

Validate fuel savings of ongoing projects

Clear up your analysis

Enough with the ‘guesstimates’ and ‘claimed savings’. Remove the noise from your analysis and quantify exactly how much your newest retrofit or optimization is saving you. Validate the actual operational savings, so you know what actions you can take to stay compliant.

How to validate routing savings

Save fuel and reduce emissions today

Improve your optimizations

Boost fuel savings by further improving Route Optimization, Speed Optimization, Maintenance Planning, etc. This can add 2%-15% in additional fuel savings depending on ship type, operating profile, data quality, and use-case.

How to increase routing savings

Profit from your decarbonization efforts

Leverage your carbon-efficiency

Performance-based chartering, sustainability-linked financing, and cross-stakeholder optimizations will require even more data sharing in the future. Toqua’s Ship Kernels allow you to share information on your carbon-efficiency & ship performance across stakeholders in a controlled way.

  • Up to 99% accuracy
  • Up to 15% savings
  • Experience with 5/5 shipping segments

Always a 99% accuracy?


Accuracy is highly dependent on data quality, what relationship is modelled, and the considered timespan.
We are confident we have the best models out there.

Read more about our accuracy in the whitepaper below.


Guaranteed 15% savings?

Obviously not.

The additional fuel savings possible with our technology vary largely depending on what optimizations are already in place today, what type of ships, what operating style, etc. Still, every single % of savings is a huge step in the right direction.

Explore which of our past use-cases could work for you.

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Will it work for my vessels?


We have experience with all 5 major vessel segments and have always been able to deliver. Every case is unique, so feel free to get in touch to set up a discovery call to discuss your situation.

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If there's anything that will happen to our industry, it's an acceleration towards more data, more technology and better use of those data and technologies.
Hugo De StoopCEO Euronav


Is Toqua right for you?
Do I need sensor data before I can use your product?

Ideally yes.

If at least a part of your fleet is capturing the right sensor data, it's a perfect match.

What if you only have Noon Reports? No worries, we have solutions for that too.

Do you install sensors?

No, we do not. We are hardware-agnostic and compatible with all data collection providers out there.

We have experience with lots of systems and providers out there, so feel free to ask us for recommendations.

Do you serve owners, charterers, ship managers or solution providers?

All of the above.

Our goal is to bring the best technology to all players and systems across the shipping industry.

Our product is designed specifically to work with all systems.

I already have ship performance models. Why would I need new ones?

Every single decision in shipping starts from a ship performance model. How fast should we sail? What route should we take? When should we do maintenance? What performance can I promise? How much will this voyage cost me?

That's why it's crucial to have the best ship performance models possible. Every % inaccuracy has huge ripple effects on all further decision making. Bad models = Bad decisions.

Read how our product brings your modelling and decision-making to the next level.

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I already have a system for performance and optimizations, do I need to switch systems to use your product?


That's the beauty of our product. Our product can be plugged into your existing systems, giving them a boost. This clears up your analysis and improves optimizations, while still working in the tools familiar to you.

We recognize most companies already use certain tools today that are fundamental to their operations. To prevent switching costs and too avoid adding another tool to look at, you can plug the intelligence of our product into your existing solutions. Stronger together, while keeping it simple.

Does it also work for alternative fuels?


Our solution is fuel-agnostic. It reduces the overall power required by the ship, reducing fuel consumption regardless of fuel type.


More questions? Get in touch with us.

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